There's Been A Murder!- a guide to detectiving
In December 2014 we're printing a book here on the web from the 1st through Boxing Day, 26 pages at all. We are doing this because why not.

Similar reasoning has led us to decide to publish the first edition of this book from out of our home office (hooray laser printer). We'll be doing this special first edition and mailing it out around the 15th of the month. The first edition will comprise only those books that were pre-ordered. In the future we may or may not decide to publish this in the more conventional route or maybe turn it into a poster or something. Who knows!

$6 - There's Been A Murder!
signed and numbered by the author
(includes shipping!)

But wait, there's more!
For the truly discerning, act now to purchase a page of the original art with your copy of the book. Yow!

Artwork is 6"x4.5" India ink on bristol. This is production art, so it may still have smudges, pencil marks, or stray lines on it. That's just how illustrations roll, baby!

We added a form to ask what letter you would like, but will also try contacting you directly if Paypal doesn't tell.

$26 - There's Been A Murder with original page!
signed and numbered by the author
(includes shipping!)

Letters still available include:
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The Bopes
by P. Calavara

There's Been A Murder!